Why we can’t get scammed

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Why we can’t get scammed

One of the biggest concerns looking at getting into trading or investing online is that it is a scam. After all there are lots of them out there.

Today somebody shared this newspaper article from the UK with me. You can ready the online version here which takes a hard look at CashFX – one of the companies promising passive income where you do nothing whilst they grow your wealth.


So why can’t it happen to Ninja Forex traders – after all we do pay a company for tools and access to live traders who teach us their trading methods.

Well the keywords are tools and education. The company NEVER places a trade for us for one thing. We place the trades based on our own analysis.

There is a trade idea service where you can take trades experts have analyzed – but it’s up to you if you want to or not and results are transparent

You can follow live traders that call trades along with thousands of people following if you wish but it’s up to you if you want to take the trade or not. The results soon get spread in the groups so you can see before you join whether they work or not.

But you know what most people do – especially the Ninja Forex traders? They learn how to use the tools and strategies to be able to trade successfully for themselves so they cannot be scammed!

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  1. Tom says:

    The Ninja group is the ONLY reason I joined IM Academy, the quality of the education and support offered by Paul and his team is absolutely first4 class. For any newbies coming into the Forex arena for the first time, this is undoubtedly the safest way to do it and certainly the quickest way to get up and running and profitable in the shortest space of time!

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