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We Learn, Trade and Win Together

Forex Trading Demo

Have you ever wanted to see some trading – if you would like to see a live example leave a comment below Forex is the key to me being able to grow what I already have rather then trying to keep making more constantly. To sum up I use harmonic scans and use a tool…
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Full time trading in 6 months

In this interview meet Danny, who started from knowing nothing about Forex and then after seeing the potential dedicated himself to plugging into the tools and training we have and was able to walk away from from his business to trade full time – well you will see how long he spends in front of…
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Baby Pips and IM Academy Comparison

We get it. IM Mastery Academy charges for what they do and sometimes people think that everything they charge for is available for free on a site called Baby Pips. We have nothing against Baby Pips – it’s great at what it does and where it fits in – but it certainly is not aiming…
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55 Days After Joining The Ninja Forex Traders

Just saw the post above from Janice about how she is doing 55 days after joining the Ninja Forex trading group. What is a pips worth – that’s up to you and your account size but the good news is as your account grows so does your lot size. Could be 10c, $1, $1.75, $5,…
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My trading Day part 1

Here is one of the ways I look for trades – hope it gives you an insight. I share how I do this in the member group 2 or 3 times a week

Beginner’s Luck in Forex

Is it a thing? Actually really a thing? I’ve just conducted a¬†one on one session¬†with a new group member who was concerned. In their first week they were doing really well – hitting their personal daily target and getting some decent account growth. The following week, the results were not anywhere near as impressive. Was…
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Adrian’s experience of The Ninja Group

Another testimonial this time from Adrian who took the plunge to join and shares his experience with us here

Delorean Forex Diary Day 4

Here we are with Day 4 and another winning trade. So far 3 for 3 so I am liking it. Not sure I can get on the live sessions today so posting this now. You can skip to day 3 of the Delorean training if you wish – its the last video. WANT TO GET…
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Delorean Forex Diary Day 2

Today is a terrible day to trade – lots of erratic news but seeing as I am on demo I just wanted to get used to using Delorean and took 2 trades – you may have to wait until tomorrow to see how they turned out! Also there are 2 parts to todays diary –…
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Live Forex Trading Session

Our session from 14th October 8.30am session – see a trade make pips live. An here is the update video