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We Learn, Trade and Win Together

Delorean Forex Diary Day 5

So here is a preview of the live session I got in on today. Actually I missed the trades called on the other 2 sessions – on this one they closed out a trade at breakeven. Here is a preview of what happens on a session – As promised here is part 4 of the…
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Alan shows how he did 277 pips in one day

Rather than keep asking each person individually he recorded this awesome video

Delorean Forex Diary Day 3

So an update on the 2 trades I took yesterday – BOTH WINNERS!! See video below for more details. As its Friday I may not trade today but I did watch the Delorean Bootcamp Day 2 which has high lighted my risk management. One of the things I love about Delorean is the trainers teach…
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Chris Shannon Forex

Chris Shannon shares his Forex journey

MY FOREX JOURNEY My journey started in April 2018 when I was invited to take a look at something called Foreign Exchange (FOREX). At the time this did not mean a great deal but how things have changed. I started by going through what is now the IM Academy in order to get an understanding…
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Robyn’s Forex Trading Experience

When I first started trading 2 years ago now, I was so confused and I thought it was something I’d never be able to get my head around. It all seemed very overwhelming but the support I received was so good and becoming part of the Ninja Forex Traders helped massively I couldn’t have done…
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