GBPAUD paid me well today

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GBPAUD paid me well today

As I write, it’s currently 18:35 on Friday 16/10/2020 and I’ve had a great day!

I started the day conducting a LIVE Trading session at 08:30 for the Ninja Forex Traders and also for our Ninja Forex Traders Lite community (our trial group), taking a look at the scanner and moving through the currency pairs to see what looked appropriate.

Personally, I had a quick scalp on EURJPY before the session started and then took another trade after the session, bagging 19 pips. I eased myself into the day!

However, later in the day, I noticed that price had hit a level that we had marked up on GBPAUD, we had discussed the fact that if we looked left – it was very evident that this particular level had been key historically with a couple of important touches in the past.

After price had hit this level, it dropped around 130 pips in a fairly short space of time. This grabbed my attention!! So, I kept an eye on the GBPAUD pair and watched for certain price movements and other price levels. I placed a sell and captured 50 pips quickly – it could have been more but the price was moving that quickly that by the time I realised and reacted, it was moving back up again.

Later in the afternoon and looking at price action, I scalped some positions on GBPAUD capturing 14, 10, 13 and 13 pips, which added up to another 50 pips. So added to my 19 pips from EURJPY and the previous 50 pips on GBPAUD, I was at 119 pips. 🤑

I thought I was done for the day…

But again, I noticed some price action and that the price on GBPAUD was pushing back up… and call me crazy but I got in again. Some may call me greedy – but this was setting up beautifully again – and I stacked, picking up 39, 32, 23, 14 and 8 giving me a further 116 pips.

Sometimes, there’s an opportunity and you can’t let it pass you by.

So as I say, GBPAUD paid me well today – and a total of 235 pips for the day!!! (and a very decent profit and account growth percentage – shhh don’t tell anyone 🤣)


2 Responses

  1. Alan kavanagh says:

    That’s a serious result for a friday rob mate, lead the way

  2. Paul says:

    Great results Rob – love your trading sessions

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