We Learn, Trade and Win Together

Q: I am ready to start but not sure what package to choose – what do you recommend?

   A:  First of all start as a CUSTOMER not IBO (that is for later if you wish to promote the academy)

Then we actually recommend the most cost effective package which is the FRX Package.  Once purchased in your back office head to Shopping Cart to add any extras you require, but many members are on the FRX package only.

Obviously if you only want to do HFX (Binary options) or only Cryto (DCX) then you can select those as your main package.

The Elite package is amazing value but in all honesty as it gives you access to pretty much everything people get even more overwhelmed. We would rather see you come in and be successful than push you into more expensive packages.

Q: How long before I am ready to trade with real money?

   A: We suggest using a demo account until you can consistently win 7 out of 10 and then start with a small live money account to get used to trading for real.  Everybody is different so we can’t give an answer but as a guide – many members demo for at least 2 weeks and some for as long as 3 months.  The opportunity to make a great return means it doesn’t matter how long you demo for – it’s worth it as you are learning a skill that can pay you for the rest of your life.

Q: Can’t I just do this on my own?

   A: Yes you can, and good luck to you.  Forex overall has a high failure rate because most people try to learn from books and YouTube videos.  The reason we have so much success is because of the support network in the Ninja group, the educators in the IM Academy and the live trading sessions.

Imagine you had to have surgery and the surgeon told you while you were on the operating table he was excited to be doing your operation and proud of the fact he had learnt the proceedure from watching YouTube videos and reading Surgery For Dummies!   

Wouldn’t you rather he had attended medical school and been taught the right way?  This is the same – it may not be as serious as your health – yet it’s as serious as your wealth! 

You don’t know what you don’t know, so you don’t know to go find it!  Our community keeps you connected to new tools and strategies as they come with the additional benefit of shared knowledge and experience of 1000’s of IM Academy members.

Q: How much have you made?

   A : To be honest what has that got to do with how you will do?  Did everyone in your school / college get exactly the same grades?  Does every race car driver go at the same speed around the track?

Our point is Richard Branson is a very successful business person, so if you want to choose an income vehicle based on someone else’s results maybe consider starting an airline as he has proven results!

  It doesn’t mean you will do better or worse either way – we are all different and with so many different tools and strategies in the IM Academy everybody finds what suits them and their income ambitions best.

Trading is an individual thing. SwipeCoin did this, harmonic scanner did this last month…levels did this. Money is made everyday, to be honest we could all make even more money if we took more advantage of the tools. We don’t know what you will take advantage of or not, but we do know that each and everyday the products make money for people from all walks of life all around the world.

Q: How much money do I need to start?

   A: The exclusive Ninja group of which you will be a part of when you join via this page recommends the most cost effective package that will give you access to the most popular and proven resources.

Choose the PLATINUM package and once purchased add on the Vibrata tool.   See the package price on the IM Academy website by clicking the LEARN MORE button below.

IM Academy have a great offer – if after paying the first month you refer 2 customers they will give you free access for as long as you retain 2 paying referrals (could be the same 2 for life).  Learn more about 2 and FREE by clicking HERE.

Q: How long will it take me to make a profit?

   A: This is impossible to answer as we are all different.  We suggest devoting 3 months to learn and apply the skills to become proficient.  However, if you attend any of the several live trading sessions then you can accelerate the process and potentially earn as you learn.

Q: Why is it so cheap / expensive?

   A: Many people have spent 1000’s on Forex training courses that actually teach a very limited approach.  When they see what we have to offer it seems too good to be true and too cheap. 

Other people that have limited experience and see IM Academy as expensive may want to consider the cost of hiring a financial advisor or paying for a college degree compared with learning this skill! 

One of the tools used to sell for $5000 on it’s own and is now included in the Platinum package.  If you break down the cost to a daily amount you will see many people spend far more at Starbucks than the IM Academy.

We should also politely point out that if the price of entry to the IM Mastery Academy seems out of your reach then what you have been doing up to now hasn’t worked for you financially.  Maybe this is the opportunity to change that.

Q: How much extra do you charge for access to the Ninja Forex Traders?

   A: Nothing!  Our aim is to help fellow IM Academy members be successful and support each other.

Q: What do I need to trade?

   A: Technically at least a smart phone however you may want to look at charts on a bigger screen so a laptop or PC is preferable.   You also need to be willing to learn and put that knowledge into practice to gain experience.  

In order to place trades we use software which is free (Metatrader 4 is the most popular)

The software communicates with a broker who actually places the trades in the Forex market for you.  We do not recommend a particular broker but once you have joined feel free to ask what brokers our members use and in the Academy you are given guidance on how to choose the right broker for you.

Q: Is this a SCAM?

   A: YES – Still Confused About Money!  Still Chilling At Moms!   Your bank trades Forex, neither we or the IM Academy ever touch your money and you place all the trades yourself – so unless you are going to scam yourself no it isn’t!

Q: Do I have to be good at math?

   A: No – we have no desire or need to do any sums!  All we do is use the tools and the charts to tell us when to buy, sell and get out of the trades.  Our members use online Forex calculators that will calculate everything for you – simply enter the numbers.

Q: Do I have to be good at technology?

   A: You will need basic computer skills – if you are reading this, can send an email, copy and paste then you will be fine

Q: How long will it take to learn?

   A: Forex is actually very simple as fundamentally the price can only move up or down.  Obviously we don’t know you and if you will choose to focus on ONE strategy to start, and be willing to go through the excellent training in the IM Academy.  We recommend everyone goes through the basics and then joins the live trading sessions.

We invite you to think about this . . If you look at our compounding spreadsheet and see the returns possible – would it not be worth sticking with this even if it took you a month, 3 months, 6 months or even a year.  If not this – what else can give you returns like that?

I suffer from dyslexia NO maths or English leaving school! its not hard if one focuses!!”  Tony, Ninja member

Also consider this – you cannot learn to ride a bike simply by watching – you need to gain experience.  The more you learn but more importantly take trades (demo to start with) the faster you will gain that experience. 

Q: How long do I need to spend per day trading?

   A: You can take advantage of trade ideas supplied by IM Academy educators and traders so in actual fact you can spend very little time by copying and pasting their trade suggestions.  

Our Ninja group also provides a trade watchlist for one of our popular strategies.

The next level would be to attend one of the many live trading sessions which usually last around an hour and will give you trades as well as educate you.

The next level above that would be to use the tools to alert you to potential trade ideas which you then briefly analyze to confirm the validity of the trade suggestion.  This should only take a minute.

After that you can of course learn to analyze your own trades by looking at naked charts.  Many of our members do not wish to trade at this level as we all have busy lives – but the great thing about our community is there is something to suit everyone.

Q: Isn’t trading risky?  Can I lose all my money?

   A: To lose money you would have to ignore the training and advice provided.

Trading does involve risk, however by folllowing the proper risk management provided and only risking between 1% to 3% of your trading capital per trade you will find you have to lose several trades in a row to get anywhere near losing your account.

For example – if you started with a live trading account of $50 at only 2% risk management you’d have to lose 50 trades in a row to wipe out your account. 

We invite you to check out our win rate in our live trading sessions HERE

Q: What support is there to help me?

   A: Please see this page to see how the Ninja Forex Traders can help you – CLICK HERE 

Q: When is the best time to join?

   A: The best time is NOW.  The reason is that every day you are not compounding your money you are losing out.  For example, let’s say you had already joined and made just $6 today.  $6 can potentially turn into $7,200 if you grow that by 3% a day for 20 trading days a month over a year.  

You didn’t lose just $6 by waiting another day, you potentially lost $7200!

Also you may want to dig your well before you are thirsty?  So many people turn to Forex when they are in financial difficulty and then have the pressure of trying to learn a new skill fast to make a profit. 

Unexpected bills, redundancies and other unforeseen stresses happen to us all, wouldn’t you rather be prepared and comfortable?

How long can you afford to wait to learn this skill?