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We Learn, Trade and Win Together

Weekly Forex Round Up

Here is a look at how my trades went this week

Trade with the banks

Banks and institutions move the markets and you can spot what they are doing – I thought this was a great video showing how it works Lucky for us we use these concepts either on their own or combined with other strategies to improve them and yet simplify.

New Forex Software 15m timeframe

It’s like signals but built in and of course I recommend you apply a strategy to these set ups as software cannot think like us yet – but luckily the strategies are simple and you will see in this video I am not doing anything other than take the set ups as they are listed

First look at this new Forex software

First of all let’s be honest – this is a very short first look so I am not suggesting this software is going to make you rich but the results are there for you to see. I think this is going to fit very nicely into my trading.


The 20 Pip Strategy

Personally I love trading the GBPAUD currency pair (as many of our Ninja Forex Traders community know). In this video, I talk through a fairly simple yet high risk process for turning a small trading account into a larger trading account. This is for educational purposes and realistically is not for people who are new…
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Are you on FIRE?

F.I.R.E stands for Financial Independence Retire Early and it’s a growing movement. The video below explains it way better than I can so we will let you watch it. If it inspires you to want to retire early then there are some great books on the subject but I have never read one that explains…
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New “Ninja Matrix” Indicator in Action

Please note you should NEVER rely purely on indicators to take trades – and only trade at your own risk! That said – watch this If you get back to the person who shared this with you they can tell you more about the NInja Forex group and the results we help our members acheive…
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Forex Workshop Day 6 BONUS DAY

We have some nice bonuses for you today Do you want to trade Crypto – learn how Brian is doing it here Don’t have much money to start? In this first video Sarah shows you the power of compounding, and in the second video Paul shares how you can get people to give you money…
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New Colors Forex Strategy Software

This video shows why we love Colors – our team are getting used to it

Colors – new Forex Software

This new Forex software is making Forex as easy as lining up 2 colors. Check it out here dColors is a new Forex software / scanner developed by IM Academy live Forex trader called Doc Spills (Raphael Spiller is his real name). Using the software you don’t need to know much about Forex – you…
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