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We Learn, Trade and Win Together

How Paul hit 9 Days Target TODAY

The NTS (Ninja Trading System) is pretty simple to apply at its most basic level. I go for 10 pips per trade usually but when you have a little more knowledge you can do more. We do lose trades – that’s normal – but sometimes you hit it right and today I am well ahead…
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My trading Day part 1

Here is one of the ways I look for trades – hope it gives you an insight. I share how I do this in the member group 2 or 3 times a week

How long does it take to trade (watch the timer)

If I hear these words one more time I will scream “I haven’t got time to sit in front of charts all day” – so lets see how long it actually takes. Ninja member Paul Mottley recorded himself placing a trade to show people the process and how long it takes to place a Forex…
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Beginner’s Luck in Forex

Is it a thing? Actually really a thing? I’ve just conducted a¬†one on one session¬†with a new group member who was concerned. In their first week they were doing really well – hitting their personal daily target and getting some decent account growth. The following week, the results were not anywhere near as impressive. Was…
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Delorean Forex Diary Day 2

Today is a terrible day to trade – lots of erratic news but seeing as I am on demo I just wanted to get used to using Delorean and took 2 trades – you may have to wait until tomorrow to see how they turned out! Also there are 2 parts to todays diary –…
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Live Forex Trading Session

Our session from 14th October 8.30am session – see a trade make pips live. An here is the update video