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Weekly Forex Round Up

Here is a look at how my trades went this week

Meet a new funded Forex Trader

Congrats to Damon Browne who just passed a funded account evaluation with My Forex Funds. How did he do it?What tools does he use? What indicators does he use? Why didn’t he pay $4000 for this? All is answered in the interview

How James passed a funded account trial

Have you heard of prop firms? If not they are companies that look for Forex traders who can prove their abilities, and then fund them. What’s in it for them? Well they do a profit split with the trader so they make a profit as long as the trader trades and stays profitable. What’s in…
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2021 Plans Overview and Dec Bonuses

Ninja TraderFOREX TRADINGNinja Forex Traders    December 16, 2020  |  0 Building on our success and growth in 2020 we want to take things up a level. In first place we are introducing help for people to pass funded accounts. There are investors out there that will let you trade accounts and share the profit with you. Please note…
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FTMO Challenge for Ninja Group

Here is the very first look at our plans for 2021 within the Ninja Group. We want to help as many people as we can become profitable traders and we have another way to do just that. Get back to the person who referred you for more info or click below for more info