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Weekly Forex Round Up

Here is a look at how my trades went this week

Meet a new funded Forex Trader

Congrats to Damon Browne who just passed a funded account evaluation with My Forex Funds. How did he do it?What tools does he use? What indicators does he use? Why didn’t he pay $4000 for this? All is answered in the interview

Pro Harmonics and Pro Entry first look

Our Harmonic scanner got a massive update today with something that is going to help new traders cut their learning curve massively. We also now have the ability to set alerts that come through to our email! Never a better time to get started

How James passed a funded account trial

Have you heard of prop firms? If not they are companies that look for Forex traders who can prove their abilities, and then fund them. What’s in it for them? Well they do a profit split with the trader so they make a profit as long as the trader trades and stays profitable. What’s in…
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Forex Trading Demo

Have you ever wanted to see some trading – if you would like to see a live example leave a comment below Forex is the key to me being able to grow what I already have rather then trying to keep making more constantly. To sum up I use harmonic scans and use a tool…
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How Paul hit 9 Days Target TODAY

The NTS (Ninja Trading System) is pretty simple to apply at its most basic level. I go for 10 pips per trade usually but when you have a little more knowledge you can do more. We do lose trades – that’s normal – but sometimes you hit it right and today I am well ahead…
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Colors – new Forex Software

This new Forex software is making Forex as easy as lining up 2 colors. Check it out here dColors is a new Forex software / scanner developed by IM Academy live Forex trader called Doc Spills (Raphael Spiller is his real name). Using the software you don’t need to know much about Forex – you…
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Baby Pips and IM Academy Comparison

We get it. IM Mastery Academy charges for what they do and sometimes people think that everything they charge for is available for free on a site called Baby Pips. We have nothing against Baby Pips – it’s great at what it does and where it fits in – but it certainly is not aiming…
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55 Days After Joining The Ninja Forex Traders

Just saw the post above from Janice about how she is doing 55 days after joining the Ninja Forex trading group. What is a pips worth – that’s up to you and your account size but the good news is as your account grows so does your lot size. Could be 10c, $1, $1.75, $5,…
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My Forex Trading DAY Part 2

In the first part of this video I used our harmonic scanner to find trade set ups, in this video I show how to use a scanner called Vibrata to get potential trades.