Month: August 2021

We Learn, Trade and Win Together


The 20 Pip Strategy

Personally I love trading the GBPAUD currency pair (as many of our Ninja Forex Traders community know). In this video, I talk through a fairly simple yet high risk process for turning a small trading account into a larger trading account. This is for educational purposes and realistically is not for people who are new…
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Pro Harmonics and Pro Entry first look

Our Harmonic scanner got a massive update today with something that is going to help new traders cut their learning curve massively. We also now have the ability to set alerts that come through to our email! Never a better time to get started

Are you on FIRE?

F.I.R.E stands for Financial Independence Retire Early and it’s a growing movement. The video below explains it way better than I can so we will let you watch it. If it inspires you to want to retire early then there are some great books on the subject but I have never read one that explains…
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