Month: March 2021

We Learn, Trade and Win Together

55 Days After Joining The Ninja Forex Traders

Just saw the post above from Janice about how she is doing 55 days after joining the Ninja Forex trading group. What is a pips worth – that’s up to you and your account size but the good news is as your account grows so does your lot size. Could be 10c, $1, $1.75, $5,…
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My Forex Trading DAY Part 2

In the first part of this video I used our harmonic scanner to find trade set ups, in this video I show how to use a scanner called Vibrata to get potential trades.

My trading Day part 1

Here is one of the ways I look for trades – hope it gives you an insight. I share how I do this in the member group 2 or 3 times a week

How long does it take to trade (watch the timer)

If I hear these words one more time I will scream “I haven’t got time to sit in front of charts all day” – so lets see how long it actually takes. Ninja member Paul Mottley recorded himself placing a trade to show people the process and how long it takes to place a Forex…
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A look at a trade

People often ask how much we make trading and is it difficult to do. I was chatting with David Carne who is a fellow live trader in our group and we thought you would want to see how it’s done, what you can potentially make and how easy is can be. Check the links at…
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