Month: December 2020

We Learn, Trade and Win Together

2021 Plans Overview and Dec Bonuses

Ninja TraderFOREX TRADINGNinja Forex Traders    December 16, 2020  |  0 Building on our success and growth in 2020 we want to take things up a level. In first place we are introducing help for people to pass funded accounts. There are investors out there that will let you trade accounts and share the profit with you. Please note…
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Why we can’t get scammed

One of the biggest concerns looking at getting into trading or investing online is that it is a scam. After all there are lots of them out there. Today somebody shared this newspaper article from the UK with me. You can ready the online version here which takes a hard look at CashFX – one…
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Helen interviews stay at home mum trader Mireille

So why would a stay at home mum get involved with Forex trading and how is it working out? All is answered in this interview. To find out more please get back to the person who invited you here or click the links around this post. If you are ready to take a 7 day…
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How to Trade 1 Pair – Rob Huntley Shares His Tips

Rob H is one of our live traders who is getting great results by trading just one currency pair. In this video he shares exactly how to do it and you will also see a winning trade LIVE

How Adrian was saved by trading

Adrian Langdale was on the verge of having to move from his dream home due to the effects of the pandemic but then he found trading and the Ninja group. Here he is explaining more Get back to the person who shared this with you to get access to our trial group or click the…
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